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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (part IV)

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

And we’re back with yet another instalment of this series. As we are still on the lower tiers of the list, the couples I have noted down in this part are ones I enjoyed watching but wouldn’t ‘ride or die’ for, at least at this point in time. Regardless, I do have plenty to say about them so let’s continue!

108. Omar/Ander (Elite)

There’s no denying this show is good at writing memorable relationships for the most part and these two are no exception. They endure a fair amount of hardships, such as Omar’s coming out or Ander’s leukaemia. However, it goes without saying that the whole cheating plot while Ander was in chemo taints the pairing a fair amount. The fact that Ander said it’s okay doesn’t make it okay, either. Then again, Ander did have the Polo incident which didn’t leave him shining in the best light, either.

107. Greer/Leith (Reign)

I feel like this show has a fetish for ruining its relationships in one way or another. Although they were kind of doomed from the beginning as Greer’s mission was to secure her standing at the royal court and unfortunately, Leith was not going to give her that. It would’ve been nice to see the whole ‘I will go to the ends of earth with you even if you’re poor’ narrative but it was not the show for that. They were definitely cute, though.

106. Simon/Isabel (Shadowhunters)

Once again, my lack of memory on this show stops me from commenting much but I do remember explicitly wanting them to get together and I’m glad they did as they have great chemistry and banter which was fun to watch.

105. Marcel/Rebekah (The Originals)

The history of these two is so complicated but from their very first moment together it’s evident that even after a hundred plus years of being apart, they still have feelings for each other. While Rebekah did fall in love with Stefan in between, those feelings seem to pale in comparison (at least in my opinion). Klaus’s meddling definitely didn’t help the situation, although it was very in character for him, but I’m glad they found their way back to each other in the end. Also, that sexual tension? Sign me up.

104. Hannah/Ben (Secret Diary of a Call Girl)

As soon as they were together on screen, it was obvious that underneath all the bickering, there were still lingering feelings between the two. Even though it’s stated time and time again that they were horrible as a couple, Ben still drops everything for Hannah as soon as she needs help and never seems to be invested in his other relationships. Although we saw their second attempt at a partnership and were sad it didn’t work out, ultimately, it made sense for their character trajectory as Hannah just wasn’t the person who would be satisfied with what Ben could provide as much as she wanted to think otherwise.

103. Noah/Riley (Scream)

A pairing who had such potential but whose time on the show was tragically cut short because of Riley’s horrific demise. This makes it difficult to offer more insight because we barely saw the seeds of what could’ve been but damn were those beginnings something good.

102. Bonnie/Jeremy (The Vampire Diaries)

Let’s be real here - Jeremy didn’t exactly have the best track record with relationships. However, I do think he and Bonnie had some great potential as a couple and he seemed to genuinely care for her. Unfortunately, Bonnie was too busy being mistreated by the writers while Jeremy eventually got written off so it’s safe to say they never got a proper shot as a couple.

101. Jane/Michael (Jane the Virgin)

At the start, I was hesitant to like them as I was kind of predisposed to Jane/Rafael, but they did win me over in the end. They embodied some telenovela tropes the show was satirising and made them look organic and well-developed. It’s such a shame the show kind of retconned how meaningful this relationship was as it did feel a bit of like an insult to the fans.

100. Nadia/Guzman (Elite)

Granted, this pairing did not have the best start with Guzman making a bet on her behalf, however pretty soon genuine feelings developed between the two. Guzman making a real effort to gain the approval of Nadia’s family was great to watch. Just like with other pairings, season three robbed us of some great content and I was not a fan of how the short film broke them up, which felt like it was done purely because the actress left the show.

99. Santana/Brittany (Glee)

Despite my fairly recent rewatch of the show, I don’t remember much of it. However, it was obvious from the beginning there was more than just friendship between these two and for the most part, they were one of the healthier relationships on the show. Brittany’s gentleness balanced out Santana’s rough side and it did seem they only needed some time to grow separately before finding their way back to each other, which is not a bad message to send.

98. Finn/Rachel (Glee)

These two are a bit tricky as whether or not I like Rachel depends on the episode, which means there are selected moments of theirs I enjoyed. That being said, they did have chemistry and strong feelings for each other. Rachel’s tribute to Finn in the memorial episode was also one of the best and realest moments in the whole show.

97. Riley/Farkle (Girl Meets World)

Honestly, it still baffles me why these two didn’t properly get together as they had more chemistry and connection than certain other couples (this isn’t a NOTP list so I’ll digress). Apart from that, there’s not much to say since again, they were never a real couple.

96. Carrie/Sebastian (The Carrie Diaries)

We knew immediately they would never end up together as it was a prequel to Sex and the City, but I still enjoyed them immensely and was sad when they broke up. I can understand that at that point Carrie wasn’t ready to put her future on hold for a relationship and frankly, who can blame a teenager for making that decision?

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