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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (part V)

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Continuing this series bit by bit and slowly getting to the top. An addition that will be implemented from this point onward – I have realised that the shows I have been watching since I made the list have some interesting pairings that I must include. Due to them being so new, I’m not sure exactly where to put them in the list just yet, hence why I inserted them in place holder spots as a question mark. Now, let’s dive in further!

95. Leonard and Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Their relationship was very on-and-off and had its share of toxic moments but overall, they were the big couple of the show and seemed to work out their issues fairly well in the end. I wish I could say more but like I mentioned already, I barely remember anything from this show.

95? Harry/Allie (The Society)

I could see the potential between these two but overall I’m not entirely sure why the fandom is so obsessed with them, maybe because of said potential? The show really jumped the gun with them sleeping together and then going back to having little to no interaction (until he betrays her, that is). Now that the show is cancelled, we’ll never find out if their moments could’ve been built into something better.

94. Jenny/Nate (Gossip Girl)

I just recently found out that there were bigger plans for these two but Chace Crawford felt uncomfortable considering Taylor Momsen’s age back then and you know what, fair play to him. However, in-universe, this made them look like a trainwreck as they had somewhat of a fling for two episodes before Nate got back with Vanessa and it was basically forgotten about. That is, until the Jenny-hating writers made her latch onto him as he was the only person genuinely showing care for her, and actually had her manipulate Nate in order to break up him and Serena, which was just out of order and killed any potential liking I could’ve had for them.

93. Octavia/Lincoln (The 100)

I can’t say I shipped them from the get go like some other people in the fandom as I always found Lincoln following her a bit creepy. Regardless, I did see their appeal eventually. Octavia finding a place she belongs in with Lincoln was great to watch and I was quite upset they didn’t get their happy ending (not to mention his death was definitely partially responsible for her character going off the rails).

92. Haley/Andy (Modern Family)

I feel like they were a bit too intense for a comedy show like Modern Family and I wonder what would’ve happened if Adam Devine could appear in more episodes but one thing’s for sure - they definitely shook up the screen whenever they were on it. Shame they didn’t get more of a chance.

91. Monica/Richard (Friends)

Sure, the age difference is a bit on the ‘eh’ side and the fact Richard’s been friends with Monica’s parents since she was a baby is a bit cringey but overall, they seemed to really love each other. In the end, they broke up because they wanted different things in life (again, partially due to the age difference), not because they didn’t have those feelings anymore. While they were good while they lasted, it’s safe to say they ran out their course and had a good conclusion.

90. Dr. Cox/Jordan (Scrubs)

At first, they were completely dysfunctional, divorced hook-ups and all, but surprisingly, they turned out to be the best pairing of the show for me. Their outer hostility towards others and independence as people is somehow balanced while around each other and they just seem to work while not having to give up who they are at the core. Really makes you believe there’s someone out there for everyone.

89. Giles/Jenny (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Let’s just say that killing Jenny off was the moment we realised Angelus meant business and the stakes were raised higher than ever. The moment Giles found her body was arguably one of the saddest and horrifying of the series. It has to be mentioned though that a lot of their appeal stemmed more from the potential of what they could be rather than what we got and it’s a shame they never had a real chance.

88. Sandy/Kirsten (The OC)

Arguably the most stable ship on the show, they weren’t always in the spotlight as it was a teen drama after all, but when we got to see them, we couldn’t help but appreciate what was given. They definitely had some hardships such as Sandy’s ex-lover and Kirsten’s alcoholism but unsurprisingly, they overcame all of it stronger than ever.

87. Naomi/Max (90210)

Honestly, I was so upset that while all other couples found their way back to each other, these two didn’t. They just worked and Naomi was arguably at her best when with Max. All in all, definitely a wasted endgame potential (even the actress agreed based on the alternative ending she posted).

86. Lindy/Tommy (Eye Candy)

We didn’t get much time with them because the life of the show got cut short, but their chemistry was everything and a relationship definitely was on the way to be explored further. There were plenty of heartfelt moments between them, as well as hilarious scenes (even if a teeny bit cliche in places, but who cares really). Another ship with unrealised potential.

86? Will/Allie (The Society)

While I don’t remember many of their interactions, I do think they had some good potential to be the power couple of the town. It’s a shame we didn’t get more time with them, even if they weren’t going to be endgame.

85. Zoe/Wade (Hart of Dixie)

If I’m being honest, at first I wanted Zoe and Wade together because I didn’t like her with anyone else. When they did get together I actually started liking them and then the whole cheating thing happened (urgh) which lessened my liking for the couple for a while but then my love got reignited again and I was glad the two got their endgame.

84. Carrie/Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

I was intensely debating where I should place this couple because let’s be real, they’re toxic, Big’s emotionally unavailable, Carrie thrives on dysfunctionality and drama, she was the other woman while he was married… Yes, that’s all bad and even in the second movie they still have some of the same communication issues they always had. All of that isn’t great by any means but you have to hand it to the writers for creating an entertaining love story from a narrative point of view and I couldn’t help but thinking ‘just end up together already’ while watching it. Besides, there’s just something legendary about their interaction ‘Have you ever been in love?’ ‘Absofuckinglutely’, I can’t explain it.

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