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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (Part IX)

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We're getting there ladies and gentlemen. It's been a long ride so I appreciate all of you sticking it out. Let's continue with the ranking!

49. Maya/Josh (Girl Meets World)

The whole age difference thing is a bit on the ‘eh’ side and definitely would have benefited from being explored on a more open network but Maya’s crush on him was so cute and it was nice to know it wasn’t one sided as it evened out their dynamic. It’s interesting to think what would’ve happened if the actor had been a series regular.

49. John B/Sarah (Outer Banks)

Such an intense pairing, but with a show like that, it fits. Two teenagers bonding through trauma and finding out they have more in common than they thought initially is a good trope. The 'wedding' was really cute if a bit cheesy. Their break-up could've been executed better but there's still time to discuss it next season.

48. Jim/Pam (The Office)

Of course they were going to be somewhere on this list. For me personally, they were the only characters actually rooting for in the show and their relationship build-up was brilliant. Their communication skills weren’t perfect at times but in the end, they would always come out stronger than before. All in all, a couple that deserves the hype around them.

47. Nick/Jess (New Girl)

I think it’s very rare for anyone not to like this couple. It was obvious from the first few episodes something would happen between them and once it did, the payoff was brilliant (their first kiss is one of the best on television). However, they clearly needed to be apart and grow individually before they could get back together and the thing that knocks them down a few spots for me personally is that they seemed to be quite okay with never being together again (Nick more so than Jess) and it almost looked like they were put back together purely because the fans would’ve rioted. It’s just my opinion based on the latest rewatch, though.

46. Ben/Lesley (Parks and Recreation)

Find a couple who’s more independent and supportive of each other’s goals, I dare you. These two genuinely care and adore one another, however, one thing that irked me is that sometimes it did seem like Lesley was putting her ambition above their relationship and Ben was compromising (an episode where she misses the events he planned for them and he has to take Gary springs to mind). Still, they’re adorable for the most part.

45. Tyler/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

I think this was the first Caroline’s relationship that actually held merit in the show (as much as I love Damon, he was an abusive prick to her and with Matt it was very one-sided), built on strong friendship and bonding experiences before anything romantic happened between them. Once it did though, there always seemed to be some sort of obstacle for them, usually caused by Klaus. It became hard to watch by season four when Tyler kept choosing his personal vendetta against the original vampire over his relationship with Caroline, leaving her in the dust. Let’s just say this ship has an expiration date on it.

44. Harvey/Sabrina (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

As with some others, I’m pretty sure everyone liked this pairing (so much so that the fandom rioted when they tried to write Harvey off). However, there’s not that much to say about them because the style of the show doesn’t give them that much emotional drama or depth in that sense (which fits the tone so it’s not a bad thing). While I’m not thrilled them ending up together meant Sabrina ditching someone at the altar, let’s be real - they were each other's soulmates.

43. Mike/Eleven (Stranger Things)

While I usually stray from shipping children pairings, these two were impossible not to root for as they had all the tropes and the connection that some adult ones lack combined with that youthful innocence. I would say their writing suffered in season three (but that’s more of a general issue regarding the show), but I am still looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them next.

42. Brandon/Kelly (Beverly Hills 90210)

These two were just waiting to happen because we knew as soon as Brandon friend zoned Kelly it would later be used as a parallel to their romance. Regrettably, as soon as they finally got together, they’re involved in a love triangle so their real chance doesn’t occur until season 8, by which point the writing of the show is so ridiculous they don’t feel like the same characters. Also, really Brandon, you had to cheat? The reason to break them up was also ridiculous and was most likely only done to write Jason Priestly off the show. It’s a shame they never got a proper shot.

41. Spinner/Paige (Degrassi TNG)

I loved them when they happened and I thought they were exactly what the other one needed at that time in their lives. The definition of a perfect high school romance, if you will. However, they’re the sort of pairing who grow out and away from each other after that period of time passes and I was fine with them not ending up together. One thing I would change is how things ended between them in season four as Paige deserved better (despite her crashing Spinner’s car, it’s not like she did it for fun), although their very brief reunion before graduation was sweet (although it was technically cheating on Darcy). Their season six friends with benefits thing, though? An awful storyline.

40. Stefan/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Funnily enough, the only time I liked Stefan for most of the show was when he was with Caroline, so that was automatically an indication I should root for them. It took a damn good while for their relationship to happen and one could argue the way they were put together wasn’t brilliant. I think I actually preferred their friendship before the romance in the end but it’s still a shame they ended so abruptly just after seemingly getting their happy ending.

39. Snow/Charming (Once Upon a Time) Honestly, who didn’t ship them? Their relationship was basically the catalyst for all the events that followed and the way parts of it were subverted to give a fresh take on an age-old fairytale, it worked beautifully. Unfortunately, as the writing of the show suffered, so did their relationship, to the point where the only thing they could think of doing was to keep them apart by all means necessary.

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