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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (part XI)

We are almost there! It has been a long journey but were are finally near the finish line and these couples are the one that make me swoon and hurt, whichever comes first. Let's dive in!

27. Phoebe/Cole (Charmed)

These two are definitely an example of a relationship that has run its course. While they were captivating to watch and it made sense for Phoebe to be the one to fall for Cole, by the time the Source storyline was wrapped up, so were they (or should’ve been). It was great to have her and the show itself acknowledge how detrimental the whole affair was to Phoebe as a character and let her walk away from him completely. They’re also a great example of how after a certain amount of fighting and dysfunction you can fall out of love with somebody. Regardless of all of this, I still shipped them fairly hard up until that point during my childhood years!

26. Willow/Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

They were the most adorable high school romance on the show. One should say though that the whole cheating storyline didn’t do Willow’s character any favours and it was good to see Oz taking a while to forgive her. Despite that, I couldn’t help but cheer when they got back together as they were perfect for one another at that moment in time. It’s a shame they had to end because of cheating on his part, though (and Seth Green leaving which is a whole other matter).

25. Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls)

These two were such a slow burn and also not at the same time. It was so obvious Rory had a thing for him and the whole good girl/bad boy trope was utilised really well, but it should be noted Jess wasn’t actually that bad? He just didn’t know how to communicate properly and delegate emotional energy to a relationship. The incident at the party was not his finest moment though and I am not excusing that. I am positive however that as adults they would’ve had a way better chance if Rory wasn’t such a mess (I’m not sorry to say that).

24. Schmidt/Cece (New Girl)

Might be a bit controversial but to me, they’re the best couple on the show (minus the whole cheating plot, not a fan of that). Their development was brilliant and they made each other want to be better people when together. What more could you want out of a pairing? It was great to see them get their happy ending.

23. Eric/Donna (That 70s Show)

One of the best, if not the best portrayals of ‘friends to lovers’ in any tv show ever. They’re such a great example of that first teenage love and how awkward and weird (hehe) some things about it can be (first dates, first ‘I love you’s’, first everything, really) and how that can grow into something a bit more mature. Unfortunately, the writing for this pairing really suffered towards the end, making them go around in circles and the main storyline being that Donna refused to sleep with him for one reason or another did not do them any favours. By season seven, they’re shadows of their former selves and so is their relationship, which is such a shame.

22. Hathan/Haley (One Tree Hill)

Who doesn’t love this pairing? In the midst of Brucas/Leyton wars, they were the constant, the balance that kept it all together (except for season 2 but we *knew* they would come out of it alright). Granted, they’re definitely not the most realistic or even a good example (please don’t get married at sixteen, kids), but the love and care they have for each other is definitely something to root for and strive to have in your life.

21. Emma/Neal (Once Upon a Time)

When I first watched this show, they weren’t even on my radar and damn, was I dumb for it. Honestly, it’s super obvious that up until a certain point, they were planned to be endgame and it’s a travesty that didn’t happen, or that they at least didn’t get explored properly. Also, that scene in season five was like a stab in the gut to the fans of the pairing. Damn it, writers.

20. Lucas/Maya (Girl Meets World)

I’m not trying to be rude, but a couple like this was never going to be properly handled by a Disney channel show. It was so frustrating to watch such an interesting foundation built for them, only for it to go nowhere. They had so much chemistry despite the characters being as young as they were and they challenged each other in ways others in their life couldn’t. It’s really a waste they never got a proper shot.

19. Mary/Bash (Reign)

These two were done so dirty. As much as I wanted them to make it, I also knew deep down they never stood a chance. And yet, even after Mary chose Francis and seemingly closed the love triangle, the writers couldn’t resists baiting us from time to time. While I understand why it wouldn’t have fit the show for Mary to have a different romantic interest long term, it is still a shame they couldn’t have a real chance.

18. Joey/Rachel (Friends)

At this point, I’m not even sure if this an unpopular opinion or not as Ross and Rachel seem to be having a renaissance among some people. However, I do think that with some narrative changes to the story, they could’ve been something great together (I’m not counting seasons 9-10 because what we got was a total mess). Although I understand the writers back then never would’ve gone that way, I will always cherish this dynamic, especially their season eight storyline.

17. Brenda/Dylan (Beverly Hills 90210)

We could’ve had it all. There’s no doubt they were the ‘it’ ship of the early days of the show. The chemistry, the happiness, the angst – they were a fantastic exploration of the good girl/bad boy trop. To me, it will always be a travesty that a certain other couple was chosen as the new ‘main’ ship. Even as friends, these two still had explosive chemistry. It’s hard to say what would’ve happened had Brenda stayed on the show but I’m sure it would’ve turned out very differently.

16. Spencer/Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Such a great build-up between them that was followed by a great relationship. Granted, they were tainted by the whole mini-A reveal in season three but honestly, if Aria could forgive Ezra for the whole debacle in season four why should it be any different for these two? One can’t deny that the pairing got screwed over post-time jump as most of their scenes weren’t actually theirs and their reunion was off-screen. Regardless, to me they are the best couple of the show.

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