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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (part VI)

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

And we are back with another instalment of this series. As we all know how this goes, no point rambling on, let's continue talking about the couples!

83. Eleanor/Cyrus (Gossip Girl)

One of the few unproblematic ships on this show (and I say that as someone who likes most of them to some extent). Cyrus made Eleanor a warmer, more emotionally available person and definitely had a hand in improving her relationship with Blair. While mostly in the background, it felt appropriate as what we got between them was great.

82. Liberty/JT (Degrassi TNG)

If I’m honest, I never liked them as much as most of the fandom (probably cause I just struggled to warm up to Liberty’s character), but even I was not immune to their charm once they finally got together. The pregnancy storyline and their desperate attempts to make it work were heartbreaking. The way their potential reunion got cut short was one of the most tragic moments of the series and biggest ‘what if’ for any couple on TV.

82. Sam/Grizz (The Society)

This show is now a blur but it’s such a shame we’ll never get more of these two on our screens as they were a treat to observe. While the series had a lot of interesting dynamics to explore, theirs felt arguably the most genuine and pure in a way which juxtaposed nicely against all the other drama.

81. Blair/Nate (Gossip Girl)

They’re the definition of a couple that made sense to not end up together. While it’s canonically acknowledged by both of them they were never truly in love, they served their purpose both in universe and from an narrative point of view - childhood sweethearts whose relationship has run its course. Some of their moments could’ve passed as snippets from a cheesy rom-com and with different choices perhaps they could’ve been something else but I don’t think anyone in the fandom is that bothered.

80. Stefan/Katherine (The Vampire Diaries)

I do prefer their dynamic in the present day as it seems more equal now that they’re both vampires and Stefan does not have compulsion clouding his feelings. It’s quite interesting how Stefan seems to be Katherine’s soft spot, which provides some interesting characterisation, especially once she becomes human. Her hijacking Elena’s body to fuel the obsession was a bit much and I was glad it was over pretty quickly.

79. Robin Hood/Regina (Once Upon a Time)

I was on the fence about these two as my opinion on Regina’s character is very mixed, however one can’t deny their chemistry is off the charts and being with Robin does humanise her a bit. It’s a shame Robin’s character in general wasn’t better utilised but regardless, I was sad they couldn’t get a proper happy ending.

79. Emily/Gabriel (Emily in Paris)

Even writing this, I’m still not sure how I actually feel about them. The show clearly wants us to root for them and the actors do have good chemistry. But are they actually a good couple or does it looks that way because the show is so good at toying with the will-they-won’t-they and turning up the pining to the extreme without actually putting them together? I’m not sure but I know I’m interested enough to find out so there it is.

78. Rory/Logan (Gilmore Girls)

I was so ready to hate them as I was sure they would just be a rebound from another relationship of Rory’s but it took me by surprise how well they worked together. Sure, the whole Logan sleeping with the bridal party thing was crappy but overall, I did enjoy their dynamic. Unfortunately, the revival does a good job at butchering this but since I honestly don’t count it as canon, I’m not that bothered.

77. Fred/Gunn (Angel)

Why did the show have to mess them up? They had an equal respectful dynamic, genuinely enjoying each other’s company. What was pretty much the healthiest pairing in the series was ruined for the sake of propping up another and how I wish they actually got the chance they deserved.

76. Klaus/Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

I won’t lie, at first I thought they had scenes together purely for fanservice and I still think that to some extent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not successful. Their chemistry is probably one of the best in the show (definitely the best out of all Caroline’s relationships) and the connection they have while messed up on many levels is also just as interesting. It does fit the narrative that they never got a real shot but it still would’ve been exciting to watch.

75. Amy/Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

I’ve already mentioned that I’m quite disenchanted with the show as a whole, however, I can easily say they’re my favourite ship from it and was one of the best parts of it. Sheldon quite literally comes out of his shell and learns to show affection without compromising who he is and their story is just adorable overall.

74. Cory/Topanga (Boy Meets World)

I’m not sure how controversial this is but I only really like their relationship up to about season five, after which I feel both of them become a lot less likeable both as characters and as a couple. The reason they’re not somewhere in the bottom tier on the list is because in those first few seasons they’re actually cute and embody the childhood sweetheart trope really well which is great to watch, if a bit melodramatic sometimes (season four comes to mind).

73. Emma/Hook (Once Upon a Time)

If I made this list a few years ago they’d probably be a lot higher but now I’ve become more open to their shortcomings (as let’s be real, they actually don’t have that much development). However, I can’t say I don’t enjoy their dynamic for a portion of the series at least as they did have chemistry together and Hook seemed to bring out a softer side in Emma. However, some fans argue that their relationship kind of made her character disintegrate and I do agree to an extent as there were a lot of different ways in which they could’ve written them while maintaining Emma’s core traits (which is a subject that deserves its own article).

73. John/Sheilla (Santa Clarita Diet)

If a man is willing to stay with you after you turn into a zombie and participates in murder escapades with you so you can eat, he’s a keeper. There is nothing bad to say about their relationship and the way these two communicate on screen is one of the best parts of the show.

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