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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (pt. VIII)

Here we are with another instalment of the series. Slowly but surely we are getting to the top tiers but for this part, we are still focusing on the couples that definitely got a place in my heart but just didn't have me throwing things at my screen screaming for them to finally kiss. Anyway, let's continue!

62. Serena/Carter (Gossip Girl)

I’ve not seen the appeal of them until very recently but now I think that while it’s arguable they could ever have a sustainable long-term relationship, they did understand each other in ways that no one else in their lives did. They definitely had strong feelings for one another, even if it was all short-lived. Definitely will pay them more attention on my rewatch.

61. Phil/Claire (Modern Family)

A classic example of polar opposites attracting and balancing each other out well over the years they've been together. There’s not much else to say as they don’t exactly face many challenges but it’s nice to see a married couple who still adore one another and work to keep the passion and spice in their relationship.

60. Fran/Mr Sheffield (The Nanny)

I think it would be hard to find people who didn’t like them to some degree. It was obvious from the get-go that these two would get together eventually considering how great Fran was with the kids and how she challenged Mr Sheffield. Some would say the show actually dipped in quality once they finally happened and I can’t say I disagree.

59. Rosa/Marcus (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

It’s a shame we didn’t get too much time with them because Marcus was probably the strongest contender to Rosa’s heart on the show so far as he challenged her to open up and accept the love she deserves while still respecting her boundaries. While I understand why the show broke them up (Rosa not being ready for a big commitment is valid), it sucks Marcus was never brought back.

58. Betty/Daniel (Ugly Betty)

Honestly, I think we were all rooting for them to get together, but they never really did. Betty challenged Daniel to be a better person and they were there for each other throughout all the craziness in their lives. Oh well, at least we got a hint of their potential in the finale!

58. Simon/Daphne (Bridgerton)

Alright, so first things first - that scene in episode six was not okay by any means. However, before that, they were pretty much perfect enemies to lovers, with great banter and explosive chemistry. I do think the incident needed to be handled way differently but overall, I do agree with them ending up together.

57. Blair/Dan (Gossip Girl)

I’ve always been a bit of back-and-forth with them but one has to admit that they definitely would’ve stood a better chance if the show wasn’t so set on a Chair endgame. I do think their actual relationship could’ve been done a lot better but that can be blamed on the fact that season five was a mess throughout writing-wise. Their friendship and connection before that were brilliant and I do believe they should be given some credit on their own merit and not just an obstacle for another ship.

56. Dorota/Vanya (Gossip Girl)

Arguably the only pure and healthy ship on the show. We only have a handful of scenes with them but we don’t really need anymore - we know they’re together, they’re happy, and they’re staying away from the drama of their bosses, which is what they need to do, really.

55. Red/Kitty (That ‘70s Show)

I think it’s quite rare to show an adult relationship on TV filled with such love and passion that these two stand out quite spectacularly. They’re the balance in the uncertainty of the characters; lives, their differences complementing one another, their banter some of the funniest on the show. It’s a shame it got a bit tainted in the later seasons but that’s just declining writing quality for you.

54. Kenna/Bash (Reign)

Reign is *the worst* when it comes to not ruining their couples and this one is the perfect example of that. What started as forced marriage to basically get rid of them blossomed into genuine love and affection between the two which was nice to watch (because as much as I loved Mash, watching Bash repeatedly crushed in the favour of Frary was horrible). Then season two came along and they decided to highlight the worst qualities of both characters and make that the reason they fell apart. Kenna trying to trick Bash in order to hide her affair and pregnancy was easily her lowest moment and a horrible way to write her off the show (but that’s another topic all-together).

53. Kol/Davina (The Originals)

While it started out under false pretenses, this ship quickly sucked me in with their wit and chemistry. It was great to watch them go through such lengths for each other and I’m glad they got to have their happy ending away from all the mess.

52. Stiles/Malia (Teen Wolf)

While I have another Stiles ship that owns my heart (more on that below), I was surprised that I genuinely enjoyed this pairing on their own accord and not just as a plot point to delay the ultimate couple. I do think that for that moment, Stiles’s heart was truly with Malia and season four was their prime. They both grew and benefited from being with one another, even if it wasn’t meant to last. The way they broke up was crappy though and they deserved better.

51. Jay/Manny (Degrassi TNG)

While I do have some problems with Jay’s character (he never actually expressed remorse for being responsible for the school shooting), he and Manny surprisingly just work together and he seems to genuinely care about her, as she does about him. Overall, I’m glad they ended up together.

50. Liam/Annie (90210)

It took me a bit to warm up to them and technically Liam did cause Annie a lot of problems with her basically being treated as a social piranha for half a season (I get Naomi’s sister was outsmarting him but still). Once they got together though, I was fully rooting for them and I wanted them to be endgame, which they kept us guessing till the end.

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