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All TV Couples I Got Something To Say About, Ranked (part VII)

Welcome to the next part of my TV couple ranking article! We are still in the middle stages of the pairings as while I like them, I have not shed (many) tears over them. Let's continue.

72. Emma/Sean (Degrassi TNG)

If I’m being honest, while I completely understand the appeal, I have never liked these two as much as the rest of the fandom does. Their story had that classic element of a good girl and a troubled boy who now feels inspired to be better so he can be worthy of her. Only it’s not so black and white as both Sean and Emma are fully realised complex characters with their own flaws which made for a good narrative. One thing I can agree on is that they definitely should’ve ended up together.

71. Willow/Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Who doesn’t ship them? It was hard not to get invested as they were so cute together and genuinely seemed to adore one another. However, I must say I stopped rooting for them after the Tabula Rasa episode where Willow essentially mind rapes Tara so this rating only applies up until that point.

71. Jake/Brooke (Scream)

They had a great package - plenty of snark, tenderness they only reserved for one another, a tragic ending… Brooke’s breakdown and overall dealing with Jake’s death was one of the realest and most emotional parts of the show as it was obvious how much he meant to her. It’s a shame they were on a slasher show that simply could not allow happiness.

70. Ron/Diane (Parks and Recreation)

We didn’t see much of their relationship but what we did get was so brilliant they automatically became one of the best couples on the show. Their wedding is especially adorable, showing how much they complement one another and Ron’s instant willingness to raise a child with her and also her daughters from a previous marriage is great for his character. All in all, one of the best background relationships of any tv series ever.

69. Phoebe/Mike (Friends)

I don’t have much to say about them apart from that it was nice how Phoebe found someone she felt comfortable to settle down with and Paul Rudd’s portrayal was hilarious and suited Phoebe’s personality well. Definitely a good endgame for her.

69. Jack and Rebekah (This is Us)

The foundation of the show in my eyes. It’s so interesting to see the moments of their lives before kids, after kids and of course, Rebekah alone after Jack’s passing and how despite finding love afterwards, Jack still remains a huge part of her life. They’re a good example of enjoying and cherishing time with loved ones as much as possible while we have them and how the ones we love will always live on in our hearts. Plus, they have great chemistry which is always a plus.

68. Scott/Allison (Teen Wolf)

While I preferred some other relationships on the show, they definitely have the whole forbidden romance angle going for them. Even when with other people, it was obvious the two never stopped loving each other completely and had Allison not died, they absolutely would’ve been endgame.

67. Monty/Harper (The 100)

They were never in the forefront because technically neither were main characters but their relationship was arguably the sweetest one on the show. While it’s sad they sacrificed themselves for everyone’s second chance, it honestly seems they were better off in the end.

66. Haley/Dylan (Modern Family)

I feel like this is a very unpopular opinion but I actually like them as a couple and while I think there was no need to dumb down Haley’s character again, if she couldn’t end up with Andy, it made sense for her to be with Dylan rather than some rando (although a lot of people wanted her to stay single). They’re definitely not the worst ship in the world.

65. Sam/Freddie (iCarly)

The amount of tension between these two was almost inappropriate for a kids’ show. Although they lasted only four episodes, I was rooting for them really hard and I’m glad they at least had some kind of a shot (and they’re hinted to try again in Sam and Cat, so yay).

64. Snake/Spike (Degrassi TNG)

They definitely had their fair share of hardships to overcome (cancer, cheating, false allegations) but they were pretty much the most solid couple on the show, which makes sense considering they were adults surrounded by teenagers. All in all, they’re kind of a staple of the series.

63. Susan/Mike (Desperate Housewives)

Who didn’t ship them in the early days of the show? Especially since they were so obviously set up to be together. Unfortunately, they had a lot of soap opera-like plot points to keep them separated which could get a bit tiring and the time jump actually did a good job at severing their relationship, which only got repaired because of a fan demand. Despite that, it would’ve made sense for them to end up together because when they’re good, they’re really good and it’s a shame they got robbed from it.

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