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Looking Right into the Abyss of the Mind: a List of Mental Illness-Themed Book Recommendations

In my humble opinion, depicting various states of a human mind in fiction is a delicate matter, one that must be done with appropriate respect and integrity. That does not mean that it can’t go to some dark places of our psyche and really dig deep into what creates the demons we face. After all, it’s important to have all kinds of representation in today’s society, and books are a perfect way to achieve that.

For this particular list, I looked into different kinds of mental illnesses that are portrayed in fiction, such as depression, eating disorders, addiction, and more. I thought it would be interesting to have a variety of choices depending on the reader’s needs. I also picked different genres for the same purpose, as some of you might want a more suspenseful read while others would want something a bit lighter and closer to home. I believe that these books do justice to the sensitive topics they portray, even if sometimes they are quite brutal in doing so. Alright then – let’s dive into yet another pile of great literature!

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