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The Art of Enjoying Travelling: Medicines to Pack Before Going on Holiday

Updated: May 7, 2020

Oh, vacations. The beacon of hope that after serving those long continuous hours at the office we’ll get to relax in a different part of the world for a few days and escape our reality. But if you’re anything like me, going to different locations and climates can take a toll on your body.

Which is why I compiled this little list of things to take when going on different types of holidays to make sure you can enjoy every single moment of that sunshine and cosmos, or the snow and hot chocolate – whichever comes first.

Shall we?

For those hot beach getaways

For starters, it goes without saying that unless you’re one of those lucky people who tan right away as opposed to trying to imitate a lobster, definitely pack up some sunscreen. Depending on the exact location of your getaway, you might also want to get some bug repellent, as those bite marks can’t feel good.

Now, personally, I’m not someone who handles the heat easily, but that never stopped me from attempting to go on a beach holiday. Unfortunately, the flora of warm climates makes my airways fill up faster than the stadium at a Taylor Swift concert, so I make sure to pack antihistamines wherever I go. Any brand will do in this case, but Piriton is the most convenient, available in any Boots pharmacy.

What’s a holiday somewhere exotic without trying out different cousines? In order to avoid the stinging sensation of heartburn and get the best out of new flavours, definitely pack some acid reflux medicine. There’s plenty of choices available, but the ones I found work best for me would be either Omeprazole or Gaviscon (although this one is definitely not the tastiest thing out there).

To continue on the food topic, unfamiliar dishes can take a toll on your stomach, so protect yourself by taking some Imodium with you to calm those spasms (and free space up for more food ‘cause who’s mad at that?).

If you’re going to a particularly hot region during summer, I’d recommend taking some rehydration packets (or tablets, whichever you prefer) to protect yourself from those dreadful headaches, either from the heat or from one too many cocktails (not speaking from experience or anything...).

For those long road trips

While road trips are the material of many feel-good movies and coming-of-age books, as well as a cheaper way to get to less accessible places, it can get quite dire with all the little space to stretch your legs, and definitely if you’re prone to getting nauseous, in the back seat, no less.

Unfortunately, although I do appreciate the ever-changing landscapes, my stomach – not so much. Which is why I always make sure to have some motion sickness medicine in handy. Stugeron is one I’d definitely suggest considering.

While this item is not technically medicine, it can reduce your need for those painkillers. Since I discovered the joys of a neck pillow while on a flight, I figured why not use it in a car? The constant support of the neck can surely make those hours spent in the vehicle easier on the body.

For those fancy snow trips

This section is a bit trickier, as a lot depends if you’re going to colder climates to ski or participate in similar winter sports. Since I do neither, the main thing I make sure I take care is medicine to prevent or manage, colds, as they are a lot easier to get in those conditions, at least for me.

For those hellish sore throats, Strepsils are good at easying up the symptoms, and Boots offers at least five different flavours to make you feel like you’re sucking on sweets instead. If sprays are more for you, Difflam is a good option as it’s not too harsh on the throat, but is definitely effective.

If you’re like me and are prone to coughs as soon as a virus invades your immune system, I’d definitely recommend packing some syrup. The one that helped me the most during the nasty fits was Covonia (and it didn’t even taste that bad!).

For more precautionary stuff, I’d recommend to pack some Vapour rub to help those respiratory tracks and general painkillers to ease up the symptoms if you do get a cold (whichever brand is more preferrable).

While there are definitely other health essentials I forgot to mention, these are the ones you for sure will find in my bag, so I hope it helped you packing for your holiday. Till next time!

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