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The Joys of Moving House: Cheap Decoration Ideas

Updated: May 7, 2020

House moving + limited budget = some very dark times. Naturally, despite the winds blowing in our pockets, we still desire to make the space we live in more homely for ourselves. As it turns out, it’s quite possible to decorate your place even with restricted funds. Let’s look into some ways to make that happen, shall we?

Get some potted plants

A surely effective way to liven up the place is to add a touch of green to it. There are plenty of options which aren’t too high-maintenance, such as ferns, succulents, cacti, and others. If it proves to be too much of a challenge, get some fake ones! Looks the same, and the effort is minimal, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle that makes it difficult to remember to water your plants.

Buy a shelf

Whether it’s for books, photo frames or random storage items, putting up a shelf seems like a good way to make a room more put together. Besides, you can hang some fairy lights on it for a magical effect, or if that’s not your thing, try painting them to give the room some colour.

Look for storage boxes

Going off a previous point, one of the easiest ways to make the place look organised is to use storage boxes for all your things. With all the different designs available, you have enough options to fit pretty much any colour scheme or pattern. Don’t forget the added joy of having one particular space for all those little things that don’t seem to find their place!

Hang photos

If you don’t feel like building up a shelf to display photos of your friends and family (or, even better, your pets if you have any), you can always hang some photos on the wall. There’s a large selection of frames to choose from that can match pretty much anything. Showcasing them on the wall also gives you creative freedom over how you want the frames to be laid out, perhaps even making up a specific-themed collage.

Put up some fairy lights

As mentioned above, some people might think it looks a tad too tacky, but if you’re one of those who like the cosy warm shine fairy lights provide, you’ll find that they can make nearly every surface fancier with no damage (provided you get proper adhesives if you wish to put them on the walls). Once again, they have a great variety, from the colour to design, even accommodating to the seasons. There’s so much choice it’s impossible to decide, so might as well get them all, am I right? (I might be a bit biased here, heheh).

Get new throws and cushions

A great way to make a place more homely (and to hide some not-so-new furniture in some cases) is to get throws and cushions to put on your sofa and/or armchair. Whether you prefer scratchy or silky texture, budget options are quite easy to find. Not to mention, if your room lack colour, it’s a great a way to bring it into the mix!

Make a corner for candles

Candles serve multiple purposes – they're pretty, they smell nice, and they can fill in that lonely corner in one of your rooms. Even if you don’t wish to light them up, there are plenty of versions made specifically for display purposes. And if you do wish to light them up, just make sure to be aware of fire hazards – you don’t want to burn your new place down.

I hope this little article will give you some simple ideas to spice your place without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, I will go and try to apply these to mine... Till next time!

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