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Travelling Down the Food Map: My Favourite Restaurants in Vilnius, Lithuania

Updated: May 7, 2020

As my Instagram feed betrays, I like to travel with my stomach. To explore a country’s cuisine is a crucial part of travelling in my opinion, which is why it comes as a surprise that it took me until now to try out some of the restaurants of my own capital city. But as people say, it’s never too late, so I took it upon myself to try out what Vilnius has to offer food-wise, and decided to report my findings in this piece.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!


A dessert boutique and a restaurant combined, Sugamour is a place that I heard about through a word of mouth, and a very good one at that. The boutique offers a choice of flavoured macaroons and deliciously light mini cakes which, despite their size, are surprisingly filling.

One of my favourites would be Mango and Cheese Cream, which is basically a small cheesecake on a plate, with just enough fruity goodness in the middle to combine with a creamy outside. Chocolate and Vanilla, another personal favourite, is made based on the same principle, the two flavours uniting to provide a rich, yet not sickly taste in the mouth.

A special shout-out has to go to the Vegan Cube, its crunchy outside hiding the chocolate mousse-flavoured inside, which then reveals a liquid hazelnut filling. And, as the title says, it’s vegan. Need I say more?

The restaurant part of the menu is one I’m not so familiar with, but I can vouch for their variety regarding breakfast food, ranging from waffles and pancakes to quiche and porridges, not to mention nine choices of eggs benedict. The Shakshuka is the meal I have tried and I absolutely recommend it to everyone who doesn’t mind a tomato-filled flavour.


The royalty of brunch food in the city, DLPSN (or Daily Poison if you prefer) might as well crown itself as the queen of Instagram too, as the modern minimalistic white exterior makes for a perfect background for those aesthetic foodporn shots we just can’t resist taking. Once the social media is updated, the food itself doesn’t disappoint, offering some of the newest millennial breakfast trends, like avocado toasts and smoothie bowls. The meals are filling but don’t send you into a food coma, just as breakfast food should be.

My personal recommendations would be the Spirulina smoothie bowl, which is perfect for almond and peanut butter lovers. I can guarantee that afterwards, you will feel like an epitome of health, and who doesn’t love that? Another food I’d recommend is smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast, the perfect protein bomb to get you through your busy day.

I haven’t had the chance to try out their pancakes or waffles yet as it’s a fairly new addition to the menu, but that just gives me an excuse to go back, and I certainly don’t mind!

London Grill

As the name suggests, this is the place for grilled food fanatics. The restaurant offers an amazing option of meats (such as chicken, beef, pork, etc.) cooked in different ways with a choice of two sides and sauces. The variation of said sides is very satisfactory, ranging from potato chips to coleslaw. Sauce-wise, there’s something for both those who appreciate a spicy flavour and those who enjoy a creamier sensation.

The price range is extremely affordable on a budget, too, similar to Wetherspoons, which means you’ll have more money for drinks. Depending on the branch, London Grill can offer a choice of cocktails that look and taste pretty much exactly the same as those from a fancier place.

La Crepe

While the restaurant specialises in both sweet and savoury crepes (as the name suggests), it also offers a selection of appetizers, steaks, salads, and of course some desserts. All crepes I tried out were quite satisfactory, but I would definitely recommend the one with ricotta cheese and salmon and the chicken roll one pictured below. While you’re waiting for the main dish, you can’t go wrong with some fried bread or chicken croquettes. The place also does cocktails, with classic choices like Pina Colada or Cosmopolitan.

One thing to point out about this place is that depending on the branch, waiting times to be served can be a little dragging, so make sure you visit when you have some spare time on your hands.

Those are some recommendations for now, as there are still quite a few places I need to get to know better before judging further. Better get on it when I’m in Vilnius next.

Till next time!

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