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Urban Decay Naked3: a Little Glitter to Make You Feel Like a Princess

Updated: May 7, 2020

There are plenty of disappointing things in life, but Urban Decay make-up brand is a delightful exception.

I wouldn’t call myself a beauty guru, but eyeshadow is the one thing in my collection that I can’t get enough of. Which obviously meant that once I finally got the chance to try out an Urban Decay product for the first time, I jumped at it (literally).

The Naked3 palette seemed like the perfect choice for my pale complexion, and boy, it delivered. With its usual selection of 12 different shades, Naked3 has a variety of glittery and matte rose-hued colours that will suit any skin type.

As I mostly use darker shades for special occasions, most of my favourites are in the first half of the palette. Special mentions have to go to Dust, its shimmering baby pink radiating enough metallic texture to pass as a highlight, and Buzz, with just the right mixture of pink and purple to give the eye enough boldness without overpowering the overall look. Matte pinkish-white, Strange works perfectly as the subtle highlight to complete any do.

While most of my interactions with bolder colours end up in me looking like I’m impersonating The Incredibles, this palette was once again a pleasant surprise, as I could add a little darkness to my look with just the right amount of pigmentation. My personal favourites would include Darkside, which provides a classy velvety texture, which juxtaposes nicely with brighter, more sparkly shades, as well as Darkheart, matte shade with rosy red sparkles that add the perfect touch to a smoky eye.

One minor shortcoming of this palette that there is a slight imbalance of glitter and matte colours, but who doesn't want a little glitter to sparkle up their lives? I know I do.

As if it’s not enough to click that ‘add to bag’ button, Naked3 contains a cruelty-free double-ended brush to help you blend all the shades of your choice just right.

Now excuse me while I go browse the Urban Decay website again. Who knows, maybe another one will accidentally drop in my basket? Till next time...

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